Our History

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AJ's has an amazing history. It may be one of the oldest businesses in Homer continuously run as a restaurant and tavern in the same location. The front part of the building was built by Frank Beers, Maybelle Berry's brother. It opened as the first cafe & bar in Homer in 1941. They named it the Homer Cafe & Club. Pete and Opal James ran it followed by Laura & Walt Keller, Jimmy Steel, Marianne Waddell, the Shatterlys, and the Billups.   It featured just a few bar stools, a pool table, and a tiny kitchen. Over the years it has had many owners including Tex & Marge Sharp. They named it the "Waterfront" and it became known as the best place on the peninsula to get a good steak! In the 1970's folks would spend hours at the Waterfront being entertained by local legends Harley Hess & Hobo Jim. In the 1990's it became Duggan's and featured a friendly, Irish Pub atmosphere. Now, as AJ's Steakhouse, the old town building has come full circle back to the ol' Waterfront days, featuring great Steak, Seafood, Spirits & Entertainment, along with the same friendly old town hospitality that has been a tradition in Homer for over 80 years.